Why are children more at risk?

While no one is immune to the dangers, your children are at an even greater risk. Their brains and bodies are still growing which makes them more susceptible to harm. And during their lifetime, they’ll spend more time with portable electronic devices than any generation before them.
A two-minute cell phone call alters a child’s brain function for an hour.(Source: The child scrambler - What a mobile can do to a youngster¹s brain in 2 minutes, UK Sunday Mirror, April 1, 2004.)

Small. Simple. Safe.

Just affix the xZubi disc to the outside back of any cell phone or electronic device. It’s small, self-adhesive and so unobtrusive, you’ll forget it’s there! Once applied, the xZubi disc will defend you and your loved ones from potentially harmful radiation emissions.
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How ARE xZubi discs like suncreen?

Not so long ago, the public wasn’t aware how much damage unprotected exposure to the sun could cause. There were some early studies, but it took years before the findings were widely accepted. Right now, awareness and acceptance of studies on the potential health risks of using cell phones and other electronic devices—even though they are widely reported in the media—are exactly where studies on sun damage once were.

Cell phones and other electronic devices emit an electromagnetic field (EMF)—or radiation—that bounces from the devices to radio towers and back when the call is made. And like all radiation—it has the potential to harm cell tissue.

While no results are conclusive, awareness grows daily—and we think “better safe than sorry” is the best policy.

That’s why we’ve developed the xZubi disc.

These days, most people wouldn’t think of spending time in the sun without sunscreen protection.

Soon, no one will think of using a cell phone unless it’s protected by the xZubi disc.


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